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List of Sister Universities

List of Sister Universities

Name Academic Exchange Agreement Exchange Student Agreement Dual Degree Date Note
Beijing Sport University X X   2011.05.26  
Guangzhou Sport University X X   2012.05.22  
Capital University of Physical Education and Sports X X   2012.11.12  
Shanghai University of Sport X X   2013.02.15  
Jilin Sport University X X   2012.11.12  
Chengdu Sport University X X   2013.11.08  
Hong Kong Baptist University X X   2012.04.30  
Avarga Institute of Physical education, Mongolia X     2008.07.10  
Ewa Women's University, Korea X X   2005.07.05  
Korea National Sport University X X   2012.11.02  
Kyungwoon University, Korea X X   2009.02.18  
Yongin University, Korea X X   2013.11.19  
Osaka University of Health and Sports Sciences, Japan X   X 2007.12.06  
International Budo University, Japan X X   2009.06.19  
National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, Japan X X   2011.10.28  
Yokohama National University, Japan X X   2012.03.14


Nippon Sport Science University X X   2016.01.15  
Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, Thailand  X     2008.11.26  
Kasetsart University, Thailand MOU     2011.12.14  
Hochiminh City University of Sport, Vietnam MOU     2011.03.14  
University of Malaya, Malaysia MOU X   2011.12.06  
University of Stirling, Scotland, UK MOU     2008.09.29  
Aalborg University, Denmark X X   2009.01.29  
University of Physical Education(TF), Hungary MOU X   2013.09.03  
Munich Business School          
San-Jose State University, California, USA X     1991.04.09  
University of the West, California, USA X     2009.03.27  
Lock Haven University, Pennsylvania, USA X     1998.07.09  
University of East-West Medicine, California, USA  X   X 2011.01.31  
California State University-Fullerton, California, USA LOI     2008.12.18  
Springfield College, Massachusetts, USA X     2011.06.10  
University of Northern Colorado, Colorado, USA X   X 2012.04.10


Indiana University, Indiana, USA X   X 2008.05.09


San Francisco State University, USA   X